OOTD – This Little Piggy Goes to the Market!

Hey Everyone,

I thought I’d put up another outfit for all you lovely ladies to enjoy! It was a bit rainy this day, so we started taking the photos outside, and then it got rainier, and we had to go back in to finish. A few raindrops got my top wet, and those are the marks you see on my shirt on the inside photos :(.

I wore this outfit to the farmer’s market in Kitchener, and the bf and I had a great time wandering the stalls. Love it there :D I was in Kitchener/Waterloo because I was scheduled to proctor an exam, and we decided to make a day of it. When I was on campus I tweeted that if I saw one more undergrad wandering around in pjs, I’d have to go all Stacy and Clinton on their ass! Pajamas are not clothes… How long does it take to pull on a pair of jeans, really? I have a pj radius limit of my mailbox, and that’s only when I think there might be something good (read: a package with clothes) in there! Anyways, we went to the farmer’s market, and then I saw this great dress in the window of Biba Boutique. It was a stunning dress, just longer than knee length with a fitted bodice and and a really pouffy skirt. I love pouffy. It was silk and had a gorgeous floral print on it. I just had to go in and see about pricing and sizes. It was $1895. Apparently I have expensive taste. But it was truly gorgeous! One day…

When we were at the market, we ran into some friends and they told us about this awesome event going on at Kitchener City Hall called the Bloomin’ Earth Eco-Fair. It was really fantastic. I think it was supposed to be outside, but it was pouring rain, so they moved it into the atrium. Everything at the Eco-Fair was vintage, recycled, upcycled, or environmentally friendly. Since it’s Earth Day today, I just want to stress the importance of considering your eco-footprint, especially in your fashion choices. The fair’s website has a list of vendors (most of whom have websites where you can shop). I would definitely recommend you check it out! All of the items are lovingly handmade with the utmost consideration for the effect that their production will have on our earth. Great people and great booths. Fantastic. I got myself a button made with upcycled vintage fabric (with a little piggy on it – to show off my big fat pride) and a pair of earrings with strawberries on them made from upcycled vintage buttons. I am sure you’ll see them very soon in an upcoming post!

After that, it was over to the university to proctor the exam and then home. Hope you like the outfit! I got a few appreciative looks and some compliments from my honey guy at the market and the nice ladies at the bakery stall. So nice. Compliments always make my day! Happy Earth day lovelies! Celebrate by treating yourself to something eco-friendly!

The clothes photograph totally different in different light conditions…! Anyways: Top – ASOS Curve/Skirt, Belt, and Leggings – Forever 21+/Shoes – Costa Blanca/Necklace – Ardene




  1. love the belt! xoxo

  2. Looks amaze! But I can’t belive how much brighter the blue was outside to in!


  3. Love the F21 skirt! I knew I saw that somewhere!
    too cute:)

  4. This whole outfit is so spot on! You look amazing, Karen!

  5. Yes, Happy Earth day . . . W Mother Nature!
    Amazing Look and the Belt is Super Nice!
    Greetings from Italy

  6. I really like this outfit! The blue looks great on you. Love the belt!

  7. Thanks for all the love, everyone! You’re all awesome! Glad you liked the outfit. I am just about to put up another post…

  8. This outfit looks so good on you! Love it!

  9. Love that skirt …

  10. Very Fresh looking dress.! It looks perfect for rainy season. The combination of the skirt and dark blue long sleeve with black leggings gives smaller looks. Very pretty you are.! Keep it up.!

  11. I really like this outfit! The blue looks great on you. Love the belt!


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